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Another way to help is to use our affiliate link lists for researching hardware and making your purchases at online retailer B&H via our affiliate account.

Our hardware wish list

This is what we are in need of right now for reviews and current and future projects.

These lists may be useful in building your own photography and video production gear lists.

Super 35/APS-C for photography and video production

The promise of hybrid mirrorless cameras was that they would be as useful for photography as for cinematography and more affordable than dedicated cinema cameras while approaching their image quality.

Fujifilm has come close to delivering on that promise but as with all new cameras the company needs to work on a couple of weak points, the X-H2S’ in-body image stabilization aka IBIS and scopes for video production.

For years we asked Fujifilm to learn lessons about video production cameras from Panasonic and now Fujifilm has surpassed Panasonic in stills and autofocus but its IBIS and scopes remain weak or nonexistent.

Micro Four Thirds for video production

With the exception of its depth-from-defocus aka DFD autofocus, Panasonic keeps getting it right for video production functionality as well as with its 10-25mm and 25-50mm zoom lenses.

Panasonic seems to have given up on compact M43 cameras for stills photography with no pro-quality successors to the popular GX8 and G9 in sight.

Perhaps Panasonic’s intention is that its 35mm sensor S-Series cameras will be more for stills photography as well as video production while its M43 cameras will primarily be for video.

Audio recording

Video recording

Current generation Ninja V and V+ monitor/recorders have a screen brightness of 1000 nits which can be borderline for working in bright Australian sunlight so we’re looking forward to a probable increase to between 1500 and 2200 nits in the next generation.


Camera support


Other bags, backpacks and cases

Why Hardware?

Digital cameras, lenses and accessories don’t last anywhere near as long as analog film equipment used to.

During my magazine and newspaper photography career, I often relied on decades-old secondhand gear as well as new purchases I could expect to endure and retain their resale value years into the future.

The equipment we use now is in constant development and improvement to catch up with ever-changing standards and expectations.

The computers, storage media and media storage we use for processing our work last only so long, and constantly improving software keeps demanding more and more memory, storage space and processing power.

Current offerings by camera and lens makers are full of gaps with, for example, lens focal lengths and types essential for certain genres still missing from those makers’ lens road maps.

Websites like Unititled.Net play a role in communicating to lens and camera makers the new gear that we need and the old gear that needs updating.

With digital technology still being relatively new, camera makers continue to research, innovate and update each subsequent generation of cameras, with their video capabilities being a case in point.

The same principle even applies to such apparently mundane items as tripods, bags and audio recording equipment.

Photography and video production have become one-person band occupations, with practitioners needing to take on every task and be well-equipped enough to do them to professional standards, so makers of these items have been radically rethinking, redesigning and innovating.

Our most-recommended brands of hardware and software

  • 3 Legged Thing – Top-quality affordable tripods, monopods and accessories for photography and video production.
  • Angelbird – Our recommended brand for memory cards, SSDs and accessories.
  • Apple – Our recommendation for portable and studio-based photography and video production computers and accessories as well as the amazing Final Cut Pro nonlinear editing suite software that is so fast and easy to use and master.
  • Atomos – Top-quality affordable monitor/recorders, monitors and accessories for video production.
  • Blackmagic Design – …
  • Breakthrough Photography – Our recommended brand for top-quality UV and ND filters, adapters, holders, step-up rings and accessories. New products are constantly in development and website is about to be updated at time of writing.
  • G-Technology – Our recommended brand for portable and desktop SSD and hard drive storage and accessories.
  • HPRC – Our recommended brand for hard cases and accessories.
  • Miller Tripods – Australian inventor of the fluid tripod head.
  • Morally Toxic – new and innovative camera shoulder bag and backpack maker, spun-off from 3 Legged Thing.
  • Olympus M. Zuiko Pro & OM Digital lenses – Until Panasonic released its Leica 10-25mm and 25-50mm f/1.7 zooms, our number one recommendation for best M43-native documentary photography and video lenses was the M.Zuiko Pro range due to its excellent manual clutch focusing, optical design and manufacturing quality.
  • Panasonic Lumix Digital Cameras
  • RØDE Microphones – Top-quality affordable video microphones and accessories.
  • Rotolight – Top-quality affordable portable through to studio fixture LED lights, kits and accessories for photography and video production.
  • SmallRig
  • Think Tank Photo – Our preferred brand of camera bags, backpacks and accessories.
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