If you wish to make a cash donation to support our work here at Unititled.Net then please use PayPal.Me/KarinGottschalk.

Another way to help is to use these affiliate link lists for researching hardware and making your purchases at online retailer B&H via our affiliate account:

A third way of assisting us in our work is by helping us acquire new production gear. 

Digital cameras, lenses and accessories don’t last anywhere near as long as analog film equipment used to. 

During my magazine and newspaper photography career, I relied on decades-old secondhand gear as well as new purchases I could expect to endure and retain their resale value years into the future. 

The equipment we use now is in constant development and improvement to catch up with ever-changing standards and expectations. 

The computers, storage media and media storage we use for processing our work last only so long, and constantly improving software keeps demanding more and more memory, storage space and processing power. 

Current offerings by camera and lens makers are full of gaps with, for example, lens focal lengths and types essential for certain genres still missing from those makers’ lens road maps. 

Websites like Unititled.Net play a role in communicating to lens and camera makers the new gear that we need and the old gear that needs updating. 

With digital technology still being relatively new, camera makers continue to research, innovate and update each subsequent generation of cameras, with their video capabilities being a case in point. 

The same principle even applies to such apparently mundane items as tripods, bags and audio recording equipment. 

Photography and video production have become one-person band occupations, with practitioners needing to take on every task and be well-equipped enough to do them to professional standards, so makers of these items have been radically rethinking, redesigning and innovating. 

The following page will cover such hardware that we need for our current and future work, with descriptions and explanations for their educational content.