The Unititled.Net website’s articles and news posts follow similar principles to the notebooks I filled cover to cover with closely-spaced calligraphy when my best-in-class formal secondary schooling ended prematurely and I had to educate myself by whatever means possible. 

No longer able to rely on the excellent library at my state-funded university-style Great Public School as well as nearby research, state and university libraries after my father’s employer sent us to the opposite end of this land to a place where nothing was as promised, I extracted information from every source I could access and soon learned to be sceptical about everything, taking nothing for granted and becoming wary of the unsupported opinions of self-appointed experts. 

The advent of the World Wide Web promised to unleash crucial knowledge usually locked up by professionals as “trade secrets” but it also saw an explosion in “influencers”, pundits and wannabe professionals whose opinions could sometimes be as unreliable as those of the old bloke down at the local country hardware store. 

As a result I wasted far too much time and money when getting back into documentary photography and video after the start of the digital era, sent down too many dead ends by “experts”.  

This website is an effort to share what I am learning and reading in something like an encyclopaedic way and I hope its contents may be of some use, especially for women, so-called minorities and the many others in the human population who are so often excluded, ignored, laughed at or treated as if ignorant or invisible by those who continue to run the visual communications, hardware and software industries in question. 

Karin Gottschalk, June 2021.