Welcome to ‘Untitled’.

‘Untitled’ is a Web-based project to tell visual stories about people, individuals and groups who have done inspiring things in the fields of creativity and innovation, supplemented with information about the means of producing those stories.

The core of our visual storytelling is photo essays and short documentaries, supplemented with text and audio interviews as needed. 

The Stories section of ‘Untitled’ is currently in soft launch as we are in the throes of financing this project ourselves and setting up our studio, production kit, systems and contacts.

Self-financing is no small, fast nor simple task, especially when negotiating with banks, bureaucracies from local through state to national level, consultants and tradesmen, so if you wish to help us out in any way, please go to our Support this Project page to find out how.

Another important aspect of ‘Untitled’ is its coverage of creativity, innovation and success in hardware, software and methodologies for stills photography and moviemaking.

Like too many people even now, I had to learn photography and videography the hard way, by myself, without mentors or a decent school, through painful and often costly trial and error, with too much bad advice that often led to dead ends and wasted time and money.

I don’t want that for others so I am doing my best to share what I know and what I discover, in the Articles & News pages.

The Sirius Building, a rare classic example of the Brutalist school of architecture, is a social housing project from the early 1980s now under threat. Sirius is the subject of two prelaunch photoessays here at ‘Untitled: Stories of Creativity, Innovation, Success’ and more stories on Sirius may be coming as the situation develops.

Why name it ‘Untitled’?

Why give this project the insalubrious name of ‘Untitled’, you may ask.

Long story, save to say that a much bigger project, a concept for a magazine that I came up with some years ago, but did not have the naming rights to, was given a name I didn’t much like and that name someone else gave it was a constant source of confusion until the magazine’s untimely demise after more than a decade of creativity, innovation and success in Australia and around the world.

You can read more about that magazine and my motivations for conceiving and co-founding it in the About section.

On Gender and Minorities Equality, Discrimination and Harassment

‘Untitled: Stories of Creativity, Innovation, Success’ supports equality for women and minorities and equal access to the means of production for contemporary visual storytelling and the right for those stories to be seen.

If she can see it, she can be it.

Accordingly ‘Untitled’ supports #TimesUp and the #MeToo movement, as well as the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media and organizations working on behalf of gender and minorities equality in moviemaking and photography.

We are against gatekeepers getting in the way of equal female opportunity and representation, especially when those gatekeepers are discriminatory, exploitative and driven by their need for power and sexual gratification at our expense.

Women and minorities continue to be woefully underrepresented amongst photography and moviemaking brand ambassadors and product reviewers, critics and writers as well as creators.


– Karin Gottschalk, June 17, 2018