Why give this project the insalubrious name of ‘Untitled’, you may ask.

Long story, save to say that a much bigger project, a magazine that I came up with some years ago, but did not have the naming rights to, was given a name I didn’t much like and that name someone else gave it was a constant source of confusion until the magazine’s untimely demise after more than a decade of creativity, innovation and success in Australia and around the world. 


It may be early winter now but when the sun is out it looks and feels like early to mid-autumn in the northern Sydney suburb where we live and work. I used the Velvia film simulation in Adobe Camera Raw CC2015 to get as close to what i saw that day from inside the restaurant where we were having lunch with a friend. I spotted this rarely empty high street, dashed out in time to capture walkers both sides of the street and there it is.

You can read more about that magazine and my motivations for conceiving and co-founding it in the About section.

Meanwhile please bear in mind that this project, ‘Untitled: Stories of Creativity, Innovation, Success’, is in its infancy, well before its soft launch much less its hard launch, and there is plenty of material to work on before the fanfare begins.

However, I am adding stories and other content as I can. They can be found by clicking on the Stories, NewsCam Tech and About menu items at upper right of this page. Enjoy!