EditReady Updated to Version 2.1 to Encode Panasonic Lumix GH5’s H.265 HEVC and All-I 400Mbps Video on macOS 10.13 High Sierra

divergent media, maker of a range of professional macOS video production software products, has released version 2.1 of its video transcoding essential EditReady to support High Sierra, the latest version of macOS, and HEVC H.265, the new standard for video compression supported by the Panasonic Lumix GH5 Super 16 M43 camera in its 6K Photo feature and by the incredible but sadly now discontinued Samsung NX1 and NX500 Super 35 cameras. 

H.265 HEVC was introduced into affordable media production via Samsung’s NX1 DSLR-style and NX500 rangefinder-style cameras when few computers and computer applications supported the codec but H.265’s advantages became immediately apparent and it was clear that HEVC was the way forward.

At the time, EditReady was one of the few professional video production applications to support H.265 transcoding so I immediately bought a licence and have used it ever since.

Samsung’s brilliantly innovative NX1 Super 35 APS-C hybrid camera ushered in the future of mirrorless moviemaking then Samsung suddenly killed off its camera division. The NX1 introduced HEVC H.265 along with an excellent interface and one of the best-designed, best-manufactured cameras ever. Rotten marketing and low to no availability of the camera, battery grip and lenses anywhere in the world probably doomed it and its rangefinder-style companion the NX500. I went looking for this set-up in order to buy one but Samsung staffers in every Samsung boutique did not even know the NX1 or NX500 existed.

Both cameras’ video functionality and support for H.265 HEVC are lessons to which Fujifilm needs to pay close attention when developing its cameras’ video support.

The pointless killing off of Samsung’s innovative camera division left a gaping hole in current Super 35 APS-C camera offerings that Fujifilm just might, if it wishes, fill with the X-T2S or more likely the X-T3, given the abandonment of its “Ultimate $5,000+ APS-C X-Trans X-series camera” project.

Another lesson Fujifilm needs to learn quick smart is that fast and accurate ETTR video and stills exposure demands exposure zebras, an essential feature that Fujifilm bizarrely still does not see fit to add to its cameras’ firmware. Histograms are handy and so are scopes but they are not the be-all and end-all of rapid exposure setting. Zebras are.

The EditReady 2.1 announcement:

Today we’re pleased to announce the release of EditReady 2.1. The release coincides with Apple’s release of macOS 10.13 High Sierra. When run on 10.13 High Sierra, EditReady 2.1 adds support for encode of HEVC (H.265) videos. On systems that support it, HEVC is even hardware accelerated, making it significantly faster.

EditReady 2.1 is a free update for 2.0 customers. It can be downloaded here, or via in app auto update.

The full change list for 2.1:

  • adds HEVC output format in mov (10.13 only)
  • adds hardware accelerated HEVC encode and decode (10.13 only)
  • fixes random crash when adding clips
  • fixes silent audio when mixing down w/ strip silent tracks enabled
  • makes missing codec errors cleaner
  • preview and thumbnails respect pixel aspect ratio
  • adds support for gh5 400mbit mode


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