The Guardian: University guide 2019: league table for film production & photography [Coventry University #1]

“If you dream of spending hours mulling over snaps in a dark room, or are incapable of sitting through a film without boring your friends with comments about the special effects, a degree in either film production or photography could be for you….”



Congratulations to the film and photography teaching team at Coventry University for being placed at number 1 with a score of 100 for 2019, and especially to its photography teaching team which includes a number of Australians including Anthony Luvera and Gemma-Rose Turnbull.

Coventry University very much sounds like the sort of institution I was so hoping that the university I attended might be but most certainly was not, with film and photography teachers of a calibre that simply did not exist back then in Western Australia.


Coventry University: Photography and Collaboration Master of Arts

“Our Photography and Collaboration MA focuses explicitly on socially-engaged, participatory, and collaborative photographic practices….

… In recent years, collaborative photographic practices have taken centre stage within the arts and other forms of cultural production and research. As contemporary photographers are increasingly using collaborative methodologies – inviting individuals and communities to share in the making of photographic works – this course offers a unique opportunity to explore lens-based forms of socially-engaged practice with internationally regarded artists and a consortium of industry partners across the UK and around the world.

Open to students from a range of backgrounds and professional disciplines, this course has been designed for photographic practitioners, but it is also appropriate for people wanting to work with photography, community, and collaboration in other ways, such as activists, community organisers, social workers, educators, cultural institution and gallery-based engagement, and education programme managers….”


Great Free Training in How to Get the Best from Your Panasonic Lumix GH5

Our digital era careers and enthusiasms demand lifelong learning to get the best out of them and none more so than in the realms of photography and video. There are a number of well-established, top quality fee-charging online training companies but free training can be just as good if provided by someone who really knows the product. 

Panasonic’s Lumix staff members around the world certainly do, and Panasonic Canada has consolidated many of the company’s free GH5 training into one webpage to which I often find myself referring. 

The link to that Panasonic Canada training page is at the top of my list of links, below, and I have added links to other GH5 resources for your convenience.


  • Panasonic CanadaLumix DC-GH5 Training Guide – “Use this guide to familiarize yourself with the features and functions of the
    Panasonic LUMIX DC-GH5 camera.”
  • Panasonic Basic Owner’s Manual, Digital Camera/ Lens Kit/Body, Model No. DC-GH5L DC-GH5PDF
  • Panasonic Owner’s Manual for advanced features Digital Camera, Model No. DC-GH5PDF
  • Quick Guide for 6K/4K PhotoPDF
  • Panasonic HelpLumix DC-GH5 – a series of 40 training and other videos.

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  • Panasonic DMW-BGGH5 Battery Grip – B&H
  • Panasonic V-Log L Function Activation Code for DMC-GH4, DC-GH5, and DMC-FZ2500B&H

Jenny Smets: Overshadowed or overlooked?

“Although there seems to be more focus on the gender disparity issue lately—some are even cynically saying it’s a fashionable trend to talk about gender and diversity—the fact remains that women are less represented and less awarded in the profession of visual journalism….”


  • Women Photograph – “an initiative that launched in 2017 to elevate the voices of female visual journalists.”

Mastin Labs: Why Mentorship is Important for the Photography Industry

“Have you ever heard the term, “a rising tide raises all boats”? This is especially true in the photography industry. Creative, service-based industries often struggle to maintain a foothold as a legitimate career path. You’ve probably encountered a scenario in your career where someone tells you they would “never pay x amount for photos” or asks you about your “day job.” It’s frustrating and a little infuriating! Mentorship and collaboration can help the industry grow and command the respect it deserves….”

Mastin Labs: Why Mentorship is Important for the Photography Industry

“Have you ever heard the term, “a rising tide raises all boats”? This is especially true in the photography industry. Creative, service-based industries often struggle to maintain a foothold as a legitimate career path…. It’s frustrating and a little infuriating! Mentorship and collaboration can help the industry grow and command the respect it deserves….

… Being a mentor reinforces the industry as a whole by maintaining the integrity of professional photography, and helping to foster excellence in the industry….”

Get Your Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 Features and How-To Videos Right Here

I have been watching Brighton-based Lumix Luminary Nick Driftwood’s progress across the UK, India and Spain, wondering when the Panasonic Lumix GH5 will finally reach these shores and if there will be hands-on opportunities of the like of those occurring elsewhere in the world. 

It may be some time until I can clap eyes on a GH5 in real life, so readers’ questions about the revolutionary camera must go unanswered here.

The alternative is to point at the best online experts sharing their GH5 knowledge and experience, and one of the best is to be found at official Panasonic YouTube channel Lumix Cameras, “the official home of LUMIX Cameras USA”.


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Take Back Your Movies from the Gatekeepers with LumaForge’s Free 5-Part ‘Off the Grid’ Workflow Training

Independent moviemaking has been undergoing a sure and steady process of rebirth since Canon accidentally kicked off the DSLR video revolution with the EOS 5D Mark II hybrid stills/video camera in 2008.

Indie filmmaking’s evolution since then has followed a rocky path, with hardware, software and workflows evolving at different paces.

Workflows have lagged behind hardware and software, but now, it is poised to catch up with Final Cut Pro X workflow experts LumaForge releasing their five-part training series Off the Grid via movie industry website

Part one, Off The Grid: A Modern FCPX-RED-Resolve Narrative Workflow – Part 1- Introduction and On-Set Editorial, signals that the series is based on a We Make Movies TV pilot named Off the Grid, shot with RED digital cinema cameras and using Apple’s Final Cut Pro X and Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve in the post-production to release process along with a number of third-party desktop and mobile applications.

The authors of the Off the Grid training, Australian-in-LA editor, colorist and producer Sam Mestman and Patrick Southern, Chief Workflow Engineer at LumaForge, describe the training series thus:

This 5 part series should be looked at as a cheat sheet on how to make a movie, pilot, or doc without limits in the modern age.

My hope then is that Off the Grid will be as instructive for self-funded one-person-crew independent moviemakers working with affordable but high quality small cameras like the coming Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH5 as those with bigger budgets and multiple crew-members using larger camera systems like those made by RED.

As my own broadcast and film festival moviemaking experiences have indicated, modern moviemaking at all levels is subject to the whims of a gauntlet of gatekeepers anyone of whom can sink your project without a trace.

Even if you manage to fund and shoot all your footage and record all your audio, then take it to rough or final cut by yourself, you are still dependent on funders, broadcasters and post-production houses to get your movie to a broadcastable or projectable stage.

As Mestman and Southern so aptly state:

Filmmaking is the only artistic medium where most artists can’t afford to make their art the way they want to. My aim is to remove that hurdle along with all others so the only limitation in making a movie is one’s own creativity.

A terrific statement from at least one member of We Make Movies, a community-funded production company with the inspirational mottos “Dedicated to making the movie industry not suck.” and  “The DIY film collective that’s got your back.”

The Off the Grid Training:

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Cam Tech: The Definitive Guide to Editing with DaVinci Resolve 12.5, by Paul Saccone

Paul Saccone, Senior Director of Marketing at Blackmagic Design, formerly Director of Video Marketing at Apple, Inc., seems to know a thing or two about video editing and color correction on the evidence of the official Blackmagic Design book on how to edit and grade with DaVinci Resolve 12.5. 

This learning and reference work is a brilliant hands-on introduction for those completely new to Resolve and those who may be editing beginners or a seasoned professionals coming to Blackmagic’s all-in-one NLE-cum-grading suite from other software by other makers.

Very highly recommended.