Rotolight Location Kit Has Landed, Comprising Aeos and Neo 2 LED Lights, Exclusive to Park Cameras

Shortly after my first close encounter with a Rotolight Aeos, Rotolight announced the Neo 2, successor to the original Neo LED light, three of which I have in the form of a Rotolight Neo 3 Light Kit. 

That kit was great in its day and I use it still but with the two new and even more powerful and versatile Rotolight LED lights that appeared after the original Neo surely something even better would be possible.

Rotolight 3 Light Location Kit – “Exclusive to Park Cameras, the Rotolight Location kit is everything a Photographer or Videographer needs on the move.”

One Aeos light, two Neo 2 lights, high speed synchronization (HSS) to control all three and for flash sync with my Fujifilm and Panasonic cameras, three light stands, a soft case to carry them in and barndoors and soft boxes as needed, now that would be the perfect lighting kit for on-location portraiture and video projects, it seemed to me.

Oddly enough, Rotolight has yet to come up with such a lighting kit but even more oddly enough Park Cameras, a retailer with outlets in London’s Fitzrovia and Burgess Hill in West Sussex has beaten them to it.

Rotolight Aeos and Neo 2 LED lights


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Header image concept and hack by Carmel D. Morris.

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Advertisements Discussing the Rotolight Neo 2 and Aeos LED lights

“We went along to Rotolight’s HQ in Pinewood to have a look at the new Neo 2 light, announced this week. Dave sat down with Luke Curtis, Rotolight’s Sales Manager to find out more, not only about the Neo 2, but also Rotolight’s other light[s] – the Aeos and An[n]ova.”

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News Shooter: Rotolight AEOS – a good ENG lighting solution?

“Rotolight’s AEOS is a a lightweight, power efficient, colour temperature adjustable LED light with an impressive range of features….

… My only niggling concern about the AEOS was that I feel it is slightly underpowered compared to some of the 1×1 panel lights that are available….

… I really like the AEOS. The low power draw is a killer feature that other companies offering similar solutions just can’t compete against. The AEOS is well priced, and the low weight, compact size, and ability to use a ball mount instead of a large yoke all help make the AEOS a very good choice for shooters who travel a lot and want to keep their gear to a minimum.”

Blind Spot Gear: Tile LED Light, Solo, Special Launch Offer, 20% Off

“In honor of the world wide launch of the Tile Light we are offering a special introduction offer of 20% off. For a limited time only.

Open the window on to the world with the Tile Light. Blind Spot Gears single surface emitting technology, creates an even throw of light that combines beauty, flexibility, portability and power like no other product.”

Rotolight Announces Aeos, Ultra Thin Location LED Light with Flash, for Stills & Video

Pioneering LED movie and stills LED lighting maker Rotolight has launched an amazing new portable, powerful LED lighting system for moviemakers and stills photographers, Aeos. Aeos is “a bi-colour, location LED light with a unique ‘ultra-thin’design concept” and it “delivers a powerful light output of 5,750 lux at three feet”, “one of the most energy efficient LEDs on the market, able to run for three hours at 100% power on a single 95W battery”. 

Rotolight’s mains and battery-powered LED lights impressed the very first time I encountered the company’s original RL48 on-camera ring lights at a trade show in Sydney and it wasn’t long before I added a two-light RL48 Interview Kit followed by a Neo 3 Light Kit plus Neo Chimera Softbox, three Neo Barn Doors, foam hand grip and Accessory Belt Pouch.

Both LED lighting systems remain in constant use here for shooting video and stills, with the Neo lights being my first choice for stand and camera-mounted lighting especially with barndoors and softbox attached.

The Neos are small and light enough to handhold yet have enough power and fine control of colour and output to make for a versatile, classical three-point lighting set-up.

Rotolight’ Aeos Portable LED Lighting System and Accessories

While there have been times when I would have loved more output from one light alone, I haven’t had the budget or studio space to accommodate Rotolight’s Anova Pro studio lighting system, especially attractive given its ability to shape and colour light via its optional Barn Doors, Honeycomb Louvre, Optical Light Shaping Diffuser, Chimera Softbox, Snap Grid and Colour FX filter pack.

Now, Rotolight’s Aeos system looks set to provide the sort of highly colour accurate high TLCI light that is a standout feature of the Neo and Anova systems, along with handhold-ability and portability that may well make it an excellent single-light for stills portraits or video interviews.

I look forward to seeing examples of the Aeos lights in use for cinematography and photography very soon.


The Scorpion Light by Scotland’s Blind Spot Gear used in ‘T2: Trainspotting’

My family background is part-Scots on my mother’s side so I am always keen to follow creativity, innovation and success stories occurring in Scotland, especially in the fields of moviemaking and photography. One such recent Scottish success story is Glasgow-based Blind Spot Gear and their Scorpion lighting system, recently used in Danny Boyle‘s feature film T2: Trainspotting


T2: Trainspotting is the sequel, set twenty years later, to Trainspotting, a black comedy that was key to the underdog culture and music of the years around 1996 in the UK. I was there at the time. It was brilliant.

Trainspotting and T2: Trainspotting are based on two novels by Irvine Welsh, Trainspotting and Porno, the latter now republished as T2 Trainspotting. T2: Trainspotting hit the cinemas in the UK and elsewhere on 27th January 2017.

Blind Spot Gear Publicity Photographs

Photographs for the T2: Trainspotting feature film, lit with Blind Spot Gear Scorpion lights.

Blind Spot’s Innovations

Blind Spot Gear’s Scorpion LED light, available as a single unit or in kit form with two lights or four.

That deep background done with for now, let’s turn our attention to Blind Spot Gear’s lighting innovations.

For me the ideal core lighting kit for stills photography and videography is affordable, portable, controllable, LED-based, and includes a range of light-shaping options from narrow to broad, hard to soft.

The component lights may not come from the same manufacturers’ stable but they need to be able to work together, in unison, and have high CRI ratings so their light output is as close as possible to full-spectrum.

Sometimes I will need to use one or more narrow lights, sometimes several soft lights and sometimes a mix of the two types of lights. Some lights need to be focusable, and others need to at least be barndoored to narrow the light beam down for a sense of intimacy, even mystery.

Sometimes, just sometimes, product shots and certain types of portraits benefit from soft light devices like soft boxes or chinese lanterns. The ideal kit is something of a chimera, but luckily for digital moviemaking and photography, light output does not have to be as high as it needed to be for shooting with the slow films of the analog era due to the sensitivity of contemporary sensors.

Blind Spot Gear’s Scorpion Light fills the bill in several different ways – affordable, portable, powerful for its size, barndoorable and, uniquely, bendable given its LED light is mounted on a high quality brass gooseneck that can be clamped to almost anything on-set with what the Blind Spot Gear team claims is “one the sturdiest of all the super clamps on the market”. I have experienced a few that aren’t so that will be a relief.

Blind Spot Gear’s The Tile Light, currently available for pre-order.

Not to be left behind by demands for other forms of LED lights, particularly with broader light output, Blind Spot Gear has been working on The Tile Light, a flat, rectangular light that can be used alone or in a six-light rig available in two versions, The Light Petal and The Light Petal Pro.

I have yet to try out Blind Spot Gear’s The Scorpion Light, but a kit is on my wish list.

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Header image tweak by Carmel D. Morris.