ApoTelyt.com: Panasonic G shutter count


“The original G1 was quickly succeeded by a range of mirrorless system cameras that offered different form factors and functionalities, notably the G, GF, GH, GM, and GX product lines. These mFT cameras are generally well built and can provide good services for a long time. Nevertheless, when buying or selling a used Lumix mFT camera, it is often useful to know the number of shutter releases the camera has performed, as this information can provide an indication on how intensively it has been used….

… Luckily, the true shutter count is stored inside the cameras’ memory and can be retrieved by accessing hidden service menus, which are mainly intended for Panasonic service personnel. This shot count represents the number of times the mechanical shutter has actuated, but does not include any images taken with the electronic shutter option that many of the newer Lumix cameras offer….”

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Filmmaker Magazine: Expert Tips for First-Time Documentary Filmmakers (Like Myself)


“Months ago, I got the crazy idea to write, produce and direct my first documentary. I wasn’t completely unrealistic — I knew enough to start small with a short, micro-budgetfilm. I also knew I could count on a supportive network of documentary filmmakers — including pros such as Doug Block, Marshall Curry, Laura Nix, Tracy Droz Tragos, Robert Greene, and others — to help guide me through the process. Later in this piece, I’ll share some of their invaluable wisdom. But first, here’s a bit about my film and my process so far….”

Mastin Labs: Why Mentorship is Important for the Photography Industry


“Have you ever heard the term, “a rising tide raises all boats”? This is especially true in the photography industry. Creative, service-based industries often struggle to maintain a foothold as a legitimate career path. You’ve probably encountered a scenario in your career where someone tells you they would “never pay x amount for photos” or asks you about your “day job.” It’s frustrating and a little infuriating! Mentorship and collaboration can help the industry grow and command the respect it deserves….”

Get Your Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 Features and How-To Videos Right Here

I have been watching Brighton-based Lumix Luminary Nick Driftwood’s progress across the UK, India and Spain, wondering when the Panasonic Lumix GH5 will finally reach these shores and if there will be hands-on opportunities of the like of those occurring elsewhere in the world. 

It may be some time until I can clap eyes on a GH5 in real life, so readers’ questions about the revolutionary camera must go unanswered here.

The alternative is to point at the best online experts sharing their GH5 knowledge and experience, and one of the best is to be found at official Panasonic YouTube channel Lumix Cameras, “the official home of LUMIX Cameras USA”.


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