Nick Driftwood: Colour Story – Lumix S1H & Arri Alexa Mini – HDR Rec 2020 PQ

“View only on 4K HDR PQ compatible phone or TV for extended highlight dynamic range. Turn BRIGHTNESS Up!

Shot on the Panasonic Lumix S1H and Arri Alexa Mini, this video – shot under difficult COVID lockdown circumstances – enabled me to see how well the Lumix S1H grades with a cine camera.

This is NOT a comparison video, so I won’t be saying which camera shot what clip, but I was very impressed with how well the Panasonic Lumix S1H performed with its fantastic 14+ stops of dynamic range, 12-bit Apple Pro Res Raw codec, and 6K recording.

Checkout Lumix Stories with my background notes, and there will be a BTS video appearing here soon.

Created from a HDR PQ Apple Pro Res 4444 XQ master – edited in FCPX & Colour Finale Pro under the ACES pipeline & ctls (plus a few ACES LUTs/LMTs created with ‘Lattice LUT creator’ and other tools to handle the Pana/Arri IDT to ODT) and then finally transcoded using x265 HEVC 10-bit (Handbrake). The results look fabulous on a HDR device – phone or TV. A SDR Rec709 version will appear here soon….”

Panasonic Lumix DC-S1H rigged with Zacuto moviemaking accessories. Image courtesy of Zacuto.


Nick Driftwood: 8K Lumix GH5 Hi Rez Anamorphic – Hybrid Log Gamma – All Intra HLG Pro Rez to HEVC using Handbrake

“Music by Nick Driftwood. This is a 10-bit 420 encode using Handbrake HEVC x265. Now you can use Handbrake to encode your HLG Rec2020 / videos. This is an extreme example at hi rez anamorphic but basically the settings for handbrake h265 HEVC encodes are the same. Use the CRF constant Rate Factor to slide/change quality (lower is better quality but longer encodes).

Use chrome or other compatible browser to view upto 8K (Anamorphic x2 desqueeze to 9 884 pixels x 3 744 pixels in great quality INTRA).

Download special commit of Handbrake or info to build your own from here:

The critical thing to remember is to insert the text ‘transfer=arib-std-b67’ into the Additional Options box.”


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