if.com.au: Screen Australia’s withdrawal of support for entry-level filmmakers causes dismay


“… “We have had to get out of the entry-level film market as a result of funding cuts,” chief operating officer Fiona Cameron told a parliamentary inquiry into the sustainability of the film and TV industry last week. “The state governments typically work in that area and we work in the area over and above that.”…

… Writer-director Heath Davis, whose first film was Broke, said he views Screen Australia’s decision as “more evidence that filmmakers have got to start looking externally, not internally, and truly embrace collaboration. That means everyone helping one another get their projects happening. There’s too much of an every person in it for themselves philosophy here and that needs to change. I love film and am worried about where it’s heading.””

SheDoc Australian Documentary Filmmaking Initiative for Women as Relevant as Ever

Social media has a habit of recycling old news as if it were new news, so little surprise that SheDoc, the joint initiative between Screen NSW and the Documentary Australia Foundation, has appeared on news feeds just as its applications deadline of March 1st looms. 

SheDoc was launched in November 2016 and is a joint initiative of Documentary Australia Foundation and Screen NSW with the support of Røde Microphones.

This initiative is not before its time, given I have witnessed and experienced discrimination for being the wrong person from the wrong side of the tracks for decades now. With luck, female documentary moviemakers who have been unable to break through the glass ceiling may begin to start seeing some cracks appear.

SheDoc’s aim is to give 4 grants per year to:

  • Encourage new voices.
  • Enable skills to be consolidated or developed.
  • Assist projects to be kickstarted.
  • Assist in building strategic audience engagement strategies.


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