Fujifilm X-Photographer Kevin Mullins Shares His Fujifilm JPEG Settings 2020

The photojournalism-style photography of British Fujifilm X-Photographer Kevin Mullins was partly responsible for my buying into the interchangeable camera and lens side of Fujifilm’s X-Series APS-C/Super 35  digital photography system, not least for his reliance on and sharing of his custom film simulation JPEG settings.

At the moment I have reverted my Fujifilm cameras’ JPEG settings back to factory settings but will be installing new film simulations soon, especially now that Mr Mullins recently shared his latest ones and that other photographers have been working on their own versions of a range of classic film stocks, many of which have been shared online by David Triregno.

Pity there are only seven custom settings slots in current Fujifilm X-Series cameras!

Mr Mullins’ 2020 film simulation settings are aimed at the latest generation of Fujifilm cameras with their Colour Chrome, Clarity and Monochrome Colour options but, as I have found with some quick and dirty tests, they are perfectly serviceable on older cameras that do not offer these options.

Accurate film simulations are one of the strengths of Fujifilm X and GFX cameras and are particularly useful if one needs to bypass running all one’s photographs through raw processing software for each project and even more so when one must share photographs without delay.

I will be adding Kevin Mullins’ Padilla, Meyerowitz, Parr and probably Kodak Style simulations to my Fujifilm cameras soon, and will study his other styles as well as those shared on David Triregno’s spreadsheet.


thomas fitzgerald: Capture One Express Fujifilm: An Overview

“In this video I give you a quick walkthrough of Capture One Express for Fujifilm (Also for Sony) to get you up to speed, starting with importing, then some basic editing, and finally how to export….”


Now that Phase One has released its free Capture One Express raw processing software for Fujifilm, I can wholeheartedly recommend it.

I learned how to use Capture One Pro, the full version that supports hundreds of different cameras and lenses, some years ago by watching free training videos on the Web, and can highly recommend Thomas Fitzgerald as a Capture One teacher as well.


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Phase One Releases Capture One Fujifilm Raw Processor and Image Editing Software, Free Express and Paid Pro Versions Available

All raw processing and image editing software is not created equal although all such products I have used in recent years, whether open source and free or purchased, are very capable of achieving great results even if some products’ interfaces could do with a little modernizing. 

One of my favourite raw image processors and image editors is Phase One’s Capture One Pro, and it is especially good for processing photographs containing skin tones. 

Hardly surprising given Capture One is primarily aimed at fashion, portrait and wedding photographers and also has a large user base amongst architectural and landscape photographs, especially those working with large sensor cameras and who often need to print their images large, really large. 

Phase One Capture One Express Fujifilm, professional image editor and raw processor application for Fujifilm GFX and X camera users.

Capture One Pro has ably though partially supported Fujifilm X Series cameras for some time now but according to statements made by Phase One staff members and reported in the specialist online press, supporting Fujifilm’s GFX Series medium format cameras would not be on the cards due to a perceived conflict of interest.

Phase One has long been a major player in the medium format camera and sensor world with its own ranges of excellent though expensive cameras and digital backs.

The release of two versions aimed directly at Fujifilm camera users, the free Capture One Express Fujifilm and the licensed Capture One Pro Fujifilm, comes as a pleasant surprise.

The latest version of Capture One Pro 11 supports Fujifilm X-T3 raw files, as indicated by the test I did this afternoon with the three X-T3 images above, and I will look for a GFX raw file to try out soon.

This has been a great day for Fujifilm product announcements and now this unexpected bonus comes too.

Raw files from Fujifilm X-T3, processed in Capture One Pro with 1Styles.pro styles


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