Creative Planet Network: A Cinematic Solution at a Sensible Price: How JVC’s GY-LS300 Expands Production Capabilities

The GY-LS300 comes with a Micro Four Thirds (MFT) universal lens mount, and adapters are available for PL, EF, Nikon, C and other lenses….

Besides resolution, one figure that stands out about the GY-LS300 is its suggested price of $4,395—and the street price, which is about $1,000 less.

JVC GY-LS300 4K camcorder with Veydra Mini Prime Micro Four Thirds geared cinema lenses

I really appreciate the flexibility the GY-LS300 gives you to adopt any kind of lens,” he says. “I like both Canon and [Duclos] Veydra lenses, and the JVC mounting system handled them very well.” … Sanjeev Chatterjee

Can he recommend any improvements? “Sure. The camera would benefit from an additional threaded tie-down,” Herrlin says. “Also, it comes with a small viewfinder, probably to save cost. I’d like a higher resolution one, and a viewscreen that can stand up to bright outdoor sun.” … Steve Herrlin


Panasonic Releases Version 1.1 Firmware Update for Lumix GH5, Adds FHD 4:2:2 10-bit Recording, Fixes Ghosting

Panasonic has released the first of this year’s scheduled firmware updates for its Lumix DC-GH5 hybrid stills/video camera, adding Full HD 4:2:2 10-bit to the Rec Quality/Rec Format settings and 4:2:2 10-bit Creative Video/Anamorphic (4:3). 

Screenshot of downloadable PDF data sheet about the version 1.1 firmware update for Panasonic DC-GH5.

Two big fixes are included in the 1.1 firmware update, correcting ghosting when using V-LogL with high ISO settings, and fixing operation problems in live standby in Creative Video mode when SS/Gain Operation is set to Angle/ISO.


Videographer/Editor Steve MacDonald’s ‘The Fujifilm X-Pro2 Video Set-Up Guide’ Ebook Released at FujiLove

Videographer and editor Steve MacDonald has released an ebook on how to get the best out of setting up, shooting and grading video footage your Fujifilm X-Pro2 rangefinder-style APS-C/Super 16 hybrid digital camera. I highly recommend The Fujifilm X-Pro2 Video Set-Up Guide to anyone seeking to shoot video with this amazing camera. 

ebook_fuji-xpro2_video_setup_guide_cover_1024pxPre-release excitement about Fujfilm’s X-Pro2 reached fever pitch when the rumour that it would be capable of 4K video began circulating early last year.

That excitement began abating when the camera appeared with 1080p Full HD only, though some Fujifilm staff members seemed to think that a 4K firmware update would be released soon after the arrival of the X-T2 some months thence.

The 4K update never did appear and that initial excitement about the X-Pro2 as a viable video camera seems to have all but disappeared.

Those demanding 4K video on Fujifilm cameras soon turned their attentions exclusively to the X-T2 and its X-T20 spin-off, forgetting altogether that the X-Pro2 remains a highly promising video camera despite the video functionality of its firmware remaining less than fully-featured.

My X-Pro2 and a distant OVF movie camera relative

I wrote a letter to Fujifilm about the X-Pro2 last year after Paul Leeming wrote his letter to Fujifilm on the X-T2 because I want, nay, need the X-Pro2 to be a production-quality video camera that I can carry with me everywhere at all times even if mostly keeping my eyes peeled for stills photography rather than moviemaking opportunities at the moment.

One thing I know for sure is that anything can happen in the great world outside our doors and best to be prepared for it. That might have been a sentiment underlying the Reuters news agency’s request to Canon to add video capability to its EOS 5D Mark II way back when, accidentally kicking off the DSLR video revolution that preceded the even more radical DSLM aka mirrorless revolution of recent years.

Mr MacDonald’s ebook, born of years of experience as a San Franciscan video professional who bought his X-Pro2 primarily as a video camera, is worth investing in if you want to get great video out of your X-Pro2 investment.

The X-Pro2’s sensor is, after all, the very same one as the sensor in the X-T2 that Fujifilm is focussing on as the more videocentric of the two. So why not sharpen your video skills and make the most of that brilliant rangefinder-style camera on your shoulder?

Right now the X-Pro2 might be just a great 1080p video camera and not a 4K powerhouse and may remain so if Billy Luong’s efforts don’t bear fruit, but more than a few TV shows and documentaries on our screens right now were shot in 1080p HD and broadcast in 720p HD so there is plenty of mileage still in non-4K formats.


David Thorpe: A Review And Test Of The Panasonic G80/ G85 Micro Four Thirds Camera

“The G80/ G85. With its upgraded body stabilization, shock free shutter, low pass filter-less sensor, magnesium frame and weather proofing, It it a new camera? Or an upgrade to Panasonic’s value for G series Micro Four Thirds camera?…”


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David Thorpe: A Review of the Panasonic GH4 Micro Four Thirds Camera

“A review and test of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 compact system camera. My review is primarily from the point of view of a stills photographer….”


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