EOSHD: EOSHD Pro Audio, Drag and drop film sound design


“EOSHD Pro Audio is a preset library for Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro X, allowing complete control over camera audio in post…

…Developed with a professional studio engineer in Berlin, the concept of EOSHD Pro Audio is unique. It is designed to fix common audio issues with internal stereo mics on DSLR and mirrorless cameras in an innovative way, as well as offering cinematic moods for specific scenes and shots – like LUTs for audio.

Pro Audio allows all filmmakers and YouTubers to easily start processing camera audio in the edit. The job of an audio engineer is built into the product. That skill, hard work and expert tuning is now yours to drag and drop onto your timeline….”

EOSHD Pro Audio, for drag and drop film sound design in Apple Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro


Audio is not one of my strongpoints and audio editing even less so, so I am always open to information, tools and training that will help me do better, much better.

So I bought Andrew Reid’s EOSHD Pro Audio presets for use in Final Cut Pro X, for the princely sum of $US 27.99, and even though I have not used it with serious intent yet, am already impressed with what it does for movie audio.