Thomas Fitzgerald Photography: What I want from an Asset Management System

“While we see a renaissance of sorts when it comes to photo editing software, in my opinion, the management side has taken a back seat. If you look at many of the recent developments across newer and updated applications, most of the development has been on the image editing side. Lightroom, for example, has seen only minor changes to the database side of the application in years. There are lots of new technologies out there that would be really useful to photographers if they were all together in one application, and yet, in my opinion, there’s nothing that does everything. At least not yet….”

Digital asset management aka DAM in Apple’s Aperture 3.6. Image courtesy of DP Now.
Brushes feature in Apple Aperture 3. Image courtesy of


Bluntly, what Mr Fitzgerald is after is a contemporary and fully up-to-date version of Apple Aperture, had Apple not seen fit to kill it stone cold dead in 2015, to the shock and dismay of thousands of professional users of what remains one of the very best, if not the best, digital asset management software product with built-in raw image file editing capabilities.

Aperture was not just for photographers working alone.

I recommended and bought Aperture licences for a number of agencies, publishers and other companies where I worked or consulted for over the years as it met their image editing, sorting and archiving needs well too.

I have used a number of digital asset management products over the years and always chose Aperture over any of them and if Apple had not killed Aperture I would be doing so to this very day.


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FastRawViewer: How to Trash a Good Shot in One Step…

“… Not sure how? It really is very simple – just rely on the JPEG histogram. The one on the back of your camera will do, or one derived from a JPEG by some viewer, or (sometimes) even by a RAW converter….

… So, if you don’t want to trade your (technically) best shots for worse ones, start using RAW histograms for culling!” HBO’s The Defiant Ones and the Trend of Editor As Writer

“The editor of a film or television show shapes the very core and fabric of the program in so many ways. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in documentary filmmaking.

But did you know that as a documentary filmmaker, even if you’re editing a documentary driven 100% by interviews and archival footage (i.e. there is no narration to script), you can lay a valid claim to the credit Writer?…

…To find out exactly how an editor can also be writer, I interviewed Doug Pray and Lasse Järvi, the two main editors who were also credited as writers on HBO’s hit documentary series “The Defiant Ones.”…” How to Engage Attention from FRONTLINE Editor Steve Audette, by Jonny Elwyn

As filmmakers we’re all storytellers — trying to tell stories we hope will make an impact on the world.

But in the age of fake news, ‘truthyism’, and one-sided agenda-driven journalism, how can we craft compelling stories with integrity, that people will actually want to watch?

That’s the question I put to veteran FRONTLINE editor Steve Audette, ACE, one rainy night in a hotel bar in London,…

ON1: ON1 Short Clip – New Lens Correction

The New Lens Correction pane in version 2017.5 automatically detects your lens and reduces distortion, chromatic aberration and peripheral fall-off. It automatically applies the correction when you browse to a photo. Further manual adjustments can also be made in Develop. If there isn’t a built-in profile for your lens you can manually adjust it as well.

We are close to releasing the next free update to ON1 Photo RAW 2017. Version 2017.5 will bring essential features, performance upgrades, and bug fixes to speed up and improve your workflow. These new videos give you a sneak peek of what we’re working on.