Video Media Management App Kyno Updated to Version 1.5, Gains Broadcast Version Stablemate

One of the best, in my humble opinion, media management computer applications for creatives working in the related fields of photography and video, Kyno by Lesspain Software GmbH, has received a major update to version 1.5 and has gained a broadcast industry sibling in the form of Kyno Premium. 

Who is Kyno for and what does Kyno do? Lesspain Software describes it thus:

Kyno is used by professionals in the media, entertainment & non-media industry as:

  • Media storage browser
  • Universal player
  • Logging/Metadata editing tool
  • Multi-purpose production assistant
  • File organizer
  • Converter (transcoding & rewrapping)

Kyno is a crossplatform application for macOS and Windows and it closely integrates with Apple’s Final Cut Pro X and Adobe’s Premier Pro.

This message box appears if your licence for Kyno needs a paid update in order to use version 1.5. Without the paid update, you can continue to use your currently licensed version of Kyno.

According to video industry website News Shooter, Kyno version 1.5 gains a number of new features, bug and stability fixes including:

  • Timestamp metadata batch-correction.
  • Drag & drop support with FCP X.
  • Playback support for MXF ProRes files created with FCP X.
  • FCP X XML export updated to V1.6 of FCP X XML.
  • Auto-creation of bins for Premiere Pro.
  • New thumbnail column view in list view.
  • Transcoding presets can now be imported and exported to be able to share them in a team or with the community.
  • Apart from a number of bug fixes and stability improvements, Kyno 1.5 brings WebP image support as well as GH5s raw stills, filtering of more metadata, advanced batch naming controls for space and case handling, IMX/D10 support, improvements in audio channel selection as well as better render quality in the player.

Kyno Premium is intended for “film, TV & broadcast professionals and production companies” thus expanding Kyno’s initial reach as an essential software tool for “media professionals, small production companies and creative agencies”.

Kyno is also available in a version for large organizations, Kyno for Enterprise.


Popular Video Noise Reduction Plug-In Neat Video Updated to Version 4.5

There has been plenty of online chatter lately about the possible high ISO noise qualities of the coming Panasonic Lumix GH5 Super 16 hybrid video/stills camera. The background to that chatter has been the relatively low noise high ISO qualities of Sony’s 35mm hybrid video-stills Alpha a7S and Alpha a7S II cameras compared to other contemporary cameras. 

A big factor in reducing the noise level of your video files is to expose correctly in the first place, applying the principle of exposing to the right aka ETTR. Cinematographer Paul Leeming does a good job showing how to ETTR and why at his Leeming LUT One website.

So far the GH5’s firmware is in pre-production and the last thing one should do is make firm buying decisions based on pre-production camera firmware. But so far, from the evidence shared recently by Panasonic brand ambassador Nick Driftwood, the GH5’s high ISO noise looks promising.

If noise is an issue, though, there is another solution, noise reduction software in the form of plug-ins for your favourite non-linear editing software aka NLE.

One of the most popular third-party noise reduction plug-ins is the legendary Neat Video, available as a plug-in for a range of NLEs and it has just been updated to version 4.5.

According to the version 4.5 change list, Neat Video’s profiling functionality has been improved with enhanced tools and a range of new features have been added, in short:

  • Preview Assist viewer mode
  • Noise Level Tuning Assist tool
  • Slow Shutter Tuning Assist tool
  • Spatial Filter Tuning Assist tool… and more.

Demo versions of the Neat Video plug-in can be downloaded for the ten different hosts in which Neat Video works, and it can be purchased online if it proves satisfactory, separately or in bundles.