Fujifilm X-Photographer Kevin Mullins Shares His Fujifilm JPEG Settings 2020

The photojournalism-style photography of British Fujifilm X-Photographer Kevin Mullins was partly responsible for my buying into the interchangeable camera and lens side of Fujifilm’s X-Series APS-C/Super 35  digital photography system, not least for his reliance on and sharing of his custom film simulation JPEG settings.

At the moment I have reverted my Fujifilm cameras’ JPEG settings back to factory settings but will be installing new film simulations soon, especially now that Mr Mullins recently shared his latest ones and that other photographers have been working on their own versions of a range of classic film stocks, many of which have been shared online by David Triregno.

Pity there are only seven custom settings slots in current Fujifilm X-Series cameras!

Mr Mullins’ 2020 film simulation settings are aimed at the latest generation of Fujifilm cameras with their Colour Chrome, Clarity and Monochrome Colour options but, as I have found with some quick and dirty tests, they are perfectly serviceable on older cameras that do not offer these options.

Accurate film simulations are one of the strengths of Fujifilm X and GFX cameras and are particularly useful if one needs to bypass running all one’s photographs through raw processing software for each project and even more so when one must share photographs without delay.

I will be adding Kevin Mullins’ Padilla, Meyerowitz, Parr and probably Kodak Style simulations to my Fujifilm cameras soon, and will study his other styles as well as those shared on David Triregno’s spreadsheet.


The Guardian: The drifter: Joel Sternfeld on his sly glimpses of wild America – seen from the endless highway


“… A native New Yorker, he has roamed through America constantly since earning a BA in Art from Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, in 1965, already obsessed with “the great underlying theme of my work: the utopian vision of America contrasted with the dystopian one”.”

Linhof Master Technika Classic 4″x5″ sheet film view camera, one of my favourite cameras for architectural and portrait photography.


I recommend learning photography with a view camera, analog or digital, if that is an option as it is a very different, more contemplative experience than can be had with most smaller format cameras.

With the ongoing depletion of available 4″x5″ and 8″x10″ sheet film stock, professional processing labs and top-quality analog printing services, it may be wise to consider digital options if contemplating photographing on location with field and portable view cameras.

The gallery and list below contain a number of digital alternatives that accept mirrorless cameras and digital backs of various brands via adapters.

The medium and large format film colour photography of Joel Sternfeld, Joel Meyerowitz and other North American photographers crucially influenced my own ways of seeing and working as much as that of small, hand camera photographers.

Notable colour photographers of the former persuasion worth checking out include these:

Contemporary digital technical and view cameras


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Fujifilm GFX-50S

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