Exhibition Opening, Shan Turner-Carroll’s ‘Relics’, Grace Cossington-Smith Gallery, Wahroonga, 11th November 2017

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Fujifilm People with Cameras, Chippendale Green, Sydney, October 29 2017

Work in Progress: Modernism, McMansions, Cape Cods, Georgian Piles, Home Counties Castles and More

The cluster of suburbs where we live in Sydney’s Upper North Shore has been home to a number of creative people over the years, working in the fields of acting, architecture, fine art, moviemaking and music. Cate Shortland, Grace Cossington-Smith, Harry Seidler, Hugh Jackman, Mel Gibson, Prue Acton, Sidney Nolan, the members of Midnight Oil and Mi-Sex grew up here, … Continue reading “Work in Progress: Modernism, McMansions, Cape Cods, Georgian Piles, Home Counties Castles and More”

Mercury Rises at the Fisk (Wireless) Memorial in Wahroonga

On 22 Seprember 1918, Ernest Fisk, head of AWA (Amalgamated Wireless Australasia) and Raymond E. McIntosh (and a host of other engineers) received a direct transmission from Marconi at his Caernarfon station in Wales. This was cited as the first (major) direct radio communication from Great Britain to Australia, the message received at Fisk’s home, … Continue reading “Mercury Rises at the Fisk (Wireless) Memorial in Wahroonga”

Rally to Save Our Sirius

“Save our Sirius,” said the man sitting on the pavement not more than three metres away from Sirius, the social housing icon of Brutalist architecture in Sydney’s historic The Rocks. “Why do they want to save a pub?”  The Sirius building is anything but a pub, as my first story about it illustrates, a fact that can be easily determined … Continue reading “Rally to Save Our Sirius”

The Sirius Building, The Rocks, Sydney

The Sirius building is an inner city social housing project in the heart of Sydney’s historic The Rocks district, under threat of destruction.  It is a rare, iconic example of the Brutalist movement in architecture, extant from the 1950s to the 1970s. Brutalist architecture, like Brut champagne, is form derived from function, unsweetened with needless ornamentation, constructed with concrete cast into moulds … Continue reading “The Sirius Building, The Rocks, Sydney”

'People with Cameras', Hyde Park, Sydney, February 27, 2016

Fujifilm People with Cameras, Hyde Park, Sydney, February 2016

Fujifilm Australia had the innovative idea of inviting photographers to come and hang out together in the centre of Sydney for a few hours, and take on a challenge. Several hundred of them accepted the invitation and turned up, cameras in hands ready to accept Fujifilm Australia’s photographic challenge. Staff members had expected no more than … Continue reading “Fujifilm People with Cameras, Hyde Park, Sydney, February 2016”