Work in Progress: Modernism, McMansions, Cape Cods, Georgian Piles, Home Counties Castles and More

The cluster of suburbs where we live in Sydney’s Upper North Shore has been home to a number of creative people over the years, working in the fields of acting, architecture, fine art, moviemaking and music. Cate ShortlandGrace Cossington-Smith, Harry SeidlerHugh Jackman, Mel Gibson, Prue Acton, Sidney Nolan, the members of Midnight Oil and Mi-Sex grew up here, went to school here, created here, had businesses here or at least lived here for a while. 

Like most Sydney suburban areas, this one contains a range of Australian residential styles and, although it has become a very different place to what it was when those creatives were here, creativity and innovation continues in the form of the houses by which we are surrounded.

This project is an ongoing one, to be continually updated with new images and others from my archives, where I will explore some of the varieties of domestic residences in the area. More photographs are on their way so please come back soon.

My aim is not to make marketing photographs for real estate agencies nor architectural photographs for their designers or builders, but, rather, to lyrically express how these buildings look and feel at a given time and day, in context, with the hardware and software I have in hand at the time.


Cape Cod


Tech Notes:

Photographed with a range of cameras including Fujifilm X-Pro2, Fujifilm X-T2, iPhones, Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4, Panasonic DMC-GX8, Panasonic DC-GH5 and wide-angle focal lengths then processed in a range of raw processing and image editing software including Adobe Camera Raw, Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Photo, AlienSkin Exposure X2, Capture One Pro, DxO FilmPack, DxO OpticsPro Elite, DxO ViewPoint, Iridient Developer, Macphun Aurora, Macphun Luminar, ON1 Photo Raw 2017 and more, with media asset management in Kyno.

During the analog era my preferred camera and lens for photographing architecture was a Zone VI Studios Cherrywood Field View Camera with Schneider-Kreuznach 90mm f/5.6 wide-angle lens to shoot Ektachrome and Velvia 4″x5″ sheet film.

Nowadays I lean towards handheld mirrorless cameras and Macphun Aurora HDR software to process multiple HDR brackets. I am currently looking for the perfect reasonably lightweight travel tripod for making photographs like these as well as portraits.