I Visited The Australian Centre for Photography in Its Last Days in 2020 & Found It Giving Away Some of Its Best Assets

The Australian Centre for Photography closed its doors on December 18, 2020, possibly for the very last time and in its last days was going away some of its best assets such as issues of Aperture and Creative Camera magazines, its photography book collection, a number of Gobe (now Urth) filters and possibly a great deal more. 

When I was teaching photography at various educational institutions in a city where no galleries exhibited photography and even fewer museums collected photographs, I considered subscriptions to Aperture and Creative Camera to be absolutely essential as teaching aides and inspiration.

Issues of Photofile, the Australian Centre for Photography’s own magazine, were also being given away.

What a tragedy to see such rare back issues that often change hands for small fortunes being given away to all comers like this when they should have found a home in a public-access photography education institution instead.


Brisbane’s CameraPro Camera Retailer Opened Its First Sydney Show Room This Week

I dropped into the new Sydney outlet of Brisbane-based photography hardware retailer CameraPro this week and walked into a presentation by an Olympus Australia representative. 

The new store is located at 507 Crown Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010, and the showroom was opened this week although the store’s Click & Collect service has already been running for a few weeks. 

It will be interesting to see how CameraPro Sydney develops given the loss of a number of camera stores across Sydney in recent years, notably L&P, Foto Reisel and Paxton’s, and I wish them well and hope for the best.

Although the Devonshire Street showroom looks small, I note that the building’s second floor is unoccupied and I was told that it has a top deck as well.


Life In Lockdown: The Café That Came Back From COVID-19

The longest-established café in Wahroonga was required to shut down and go into two-week quarantine when it was discovered that a staff member had COVID-19. She recovered well and returned to work when the quarantine period ended, but the café itself is now on a knife-edge according to staff members. Pastadelli has been the go-to fallback establishment here for at least 30 years and I hope it will survive for at least another 30 years, especially given this is where we buy our supply of decaffeinated coffee beans. Good decaf is hard to find. Here a customer shares some videos with remaining staff members to lighten the mood. Like other cafés here it is now trading as a takeaway establishment.

The Guardian: University guide 2019: league table for film production & photography [Coventry University #1]


“If you dream of spending hours mulling over snaps in a dark room, or are incapable of sitting through a film without boring your friends with comments about the special effects, a degree in either film production or photography could be for you….”



Congratulations to the film and photography teaching team at Coventry University for being placed at number 1 with a score of 100 for 2019, and especially to its photography teaching team which includes a number of Australians including Anthony Luvera and Gemma-Rose Turnbull.

Coventry University very much sounds like the sort of institution I was so hoping that the university I attended might be but most certainly was not, with film and photography teachers of a calibre that simply did not exist back then in Western Australia.