Cam Tech


When I got back into photography and moviemaking thanks to the digital revolution, after too many years of enforced absence due to major health issues, dependable information about the best and most useful items of photo and movie production hardware and software was too hard to find. It still can be. 

Access to useful facts had been even harder when I was originally starting out in photography and moviemaking, with the established photographers refusing to pass on their knowledge under the excuse that it was all “trade secrets”.

When I tried to apprentice myself to the most successful local photographer, I was told that I “already knew too much” and presented a threat. What nonsense.

So I resolved, as I have done so often in the past, that I would not shirk from sharing my own hard-won knowledge when the chance presented itself, hence this website’s Cam Tech section.

I will continue to add reference pages and articles here on topics of interest to independent photographers and moviemakers.