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I was brought up, as so many of my generation were, to be seen and not heard, and preferably not be seen at all. Modesty was considered the supreme virtue. So speaking about achievements does not come easy. Here is an attempt at a list of some of them.

  • Aged 15, began working part-time as a newspaper photographer and district correspondent for a newspaper group in regional Western Australia, later moving to another regional newspaper group closer to Perth.
  • Worked as an exhibits officer for a regional museum in Western Australia producing photographs, artworks and restoring historic farm and industrial machinery, and worked as a wedding photographer, to put myself through university.
  • Studied photography, conceptual art, printmaking, painting and art history at university art school in Perth, Western Australia.
  • Worked as a production assistant and runner on German telemovie and Canadian television series in Western Australia.
  • Studied filmmaking and cinematography at Central College of TAFE, tutored in cinematography, consulted on design of new photography teaching facilities, director of photography on a groundbreaking feature film.
  • Fellowship in Photography at Edith Cowan University, consulted on design of new photography teaching facilities.
  • Commercial and corporate photographer for mining companies in Western Australia.
  • Photography teacher for creative high schools and independent photography workshops.
  • Magazine editorial portrait photographer for a range of glossy magazines and broadsheet newspapers in Sydney.
  • Acquired severe photochemical-reaction dermatitis and permanent photochemical allergy requiring stepping away from analog photography, taking up digital photography and moviemaking when the hardware and software had become affordable and sophisticated enough.
  • Conceived, cofounded and worked as European Contributing Editor for (not only) Black+White magazine, based in Sydney then London.
  • AMX Studios pioneered e-commerce with some of the first online stores and I worked with them on proofs of concept of new online business models for BT (formerly British Telecom) using the latter’s world’s-first high-speed fibre broadband network in central London.
  • Commissioned, briefed and produced established and up-and-coming photographers and directors for global and national advertising campaigns, talent-scouted promising young photographers to help them get their first step up the career ladder, with special emphasis on undervalued female photographers and promising young Australian photographers.
  • Was lucky enough to have worked with some of the finest copywriters, art directors, photographers and directors in the world, and my partner is one of the finest technical writers/illustrators in the world, one of the incredibly rare ones with a combined engineering and advertising agency background.
  • Independent self-funded media professional working in photography, moviemaking and self-publishing, based in Sydney.

– Karin Gottschalk, January 2017.

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Header image by Carmel D. Morris.