A Walk Around the City of Sydney on a Gloomy Wet April’s Day wth an X-Pro2 & Fujinon 50mm f/2.0 R WR

The City of Sydney is one of my favourite destinations for long walks through the central business district and surrounding inner city suburbs and I love being there when the sun is shining and people are everywhere. 

On those days I fix a Fujinon XF 14mm f/2.8 R to my X-Pro2 and look for deep vistas with sunlit foreground figures engaged in oftentimes inexplicable things. 

On days like this one where the clouds sucked the light and the life out of the streets and made everything look like it was all pressed hard up against itself I’d usually choose a narrower focal length but today I thought I’d try exaggerating how everything felt squashed up together with a 75mm-equivalent lens via the Fujinon XF 50mm f/2.0 R WR Fujicron lens.

Image notes

I processed these Fujifilm X-Trans raw files in DxO PhotoLab Elite’s Digital Films/Fuji Classic Chrome film simulation while using DeepPRIME XD denoising and demosaicing for maximum detail.

Header image art direction by Carmel D. Morris.


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