We’re Taking a Break to Continue Our Research on the Late, Great Australian Director of Photography & Cinematographer Robert Krasker, BSC


With NAB just over and May’s Fujifilm Summit coming soon there is plenty of subject matter to keep us going with hardware and software-based articles and items relating to documentary photography and video. 

But we’ve had to make the decision to take a break from all that for a little while in order to do some serious work on The Robert Krasker Project

We’ve reached the limit of what we can find out for free about Robert Krasker and his many achievements in feature film cinematography during his brilliant career that extended from the early 1930s until his premature retirement due to ill health in the mid-1960s. 

He, his life and his work were remarkable and all of us in the screen industries should be proud of him and know his name and achievements, but we seem to have acquired a national amnesia about him. 

Robert Krasker is one of many remarkable creative Australians we’ve forgotten in this way. 

We’re seeking to help change that for the better. 

We’ve been coming up against what amounts to paywalls that are in the way of further, deeper research, so now we’re working out how to obtain funds and thus access to more information.

Even without breaching those paywalls there are a number of useful things that we could be doing but again they cost money in time and resources and the means of production.

If you wish to assist us in this effort, please consider donating via our PayPal account that’s linked to at top right of each page under the heading of Please Donate.

We’ll still be attending the Fujifilm House of Photography’s free workshop events in Sydney and will be documenting them and photographing them in our usual way.

We’ll also be producing some of our more usual articles if they warrant drawing time and attention away from The Robert Krasker Project.


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