Irix Lens: Irix release[s] a new [Fujifilm X] mount for all [Irix] cine lenses – Commentary


Irix release a new mount for all cine lenses

Irix, a high-class lens producer for the movie and photo industry enriches its Cine line by adding the Fujifilm X mount lenses.

March 15th, 2023

Irix film optics are known, among other things, for a large selection of available mounts. Today, this already rich selection is expanded by one more system – Fujifilm X.

Lens choices for the Irix Cine set were dictated by the desire to create conditions for filmmakers to focus their efforts on the implementation of the material, not on the search for optics that will meet the requirements of all of the tasks. All the lenses are in the Irix Cine standard, which allows for the same effect throughout the range. They have unique bokeh but also they preserve colors and details to simplify work in post-production and give a unique character to the created material.

All the lenses have a unified design of the aperture and focusing rings and similar weight and size. Quick lens replacement without a rebalancing of the Steadicam or gimbal will allow You to quickly adapt to the current requirements of the filmed scene. When in need to add filters, most lenses come with 86mm filter thread and 95mm front diameter. They are also characterized by the ability to work in all weather conditions, the lenses have special sealings to protect them from dust, sand, or water.

The full lineup of Irix Cine lenses:

  • 11mm T4.3 lens
  • 15mm T2.6 lens
  • 21mm T.1.5 lens
  • 30mm T1.5 lens
  • 45mm T1.5 lens
  • 150mm T3.0 Macro 1:1 lens
  • 150mm T3.0 Tele lens

Available mounts: Fuji X, Canon EF, Canon RF, L-mount, MFT, Nikon Z, PL-mount, Sony E

More information about the Irix products can be found on the official webpage All the Fuji X lenses will be available in the next few days with a recommended retail price of 1195 Euro inc. VAT for each focal length.


“If you’re a filmmaker using Fujifilm cameras, then this new mount is something you’ll definitely want to know about.

The Irix Cine Fujifilm mount is a new addition to the existing line of Irix Cine lenses.

With this new mount, all Irix Cine lenses can now fit seamlessly onto Fujifilm cameras.

With this new mount, you can enjoy the exceptional quality of Irix lenses on your favorite camera, opening up new creative possibilities for your work.

So if you’re looking for high-quality, durable, and precise lenses for your Fujifilm camera, then check out the Irix Cine Fujifilm today.”



The folks at Irix promised they would be releasing Fujifilm X-Mount versions of their 8K-ready cinema prime lenses that are designed for cameras with 35mm sensors or smaller and now here they are.

That is, so-called “full frame” as well as Super 35 and Micro Four Thirds sensor cameras.

Irix’ cinema lenses have feature sets that few if any other affordable or “budget” cinema lens makers can match.

Few if any other cinema lens makers currently offer as wide a range of size and colour matching focal lengths that are suitable for all three sensor sizes.

I like drawing readers’ attention to them and their matching accessories such as the company’s magnetic filter system even though I have yet to have the experience of seeing or trying them out.

There are now two options for Fujifilm X-Mount camera users – invest in native mount Irix lenses or in Arri PL-Mount versions and then adapt them to your prime video camera system or to all the camera mounts you currently use or are likely to use in future.

All current generation Irix cinema lenses are manual and don’t communicate electronically with cameras via contacts at rear of the lenses.

Electronic communication between camera and lens in the style of, say, Cooke’s Cooke /i lens data technology or similar systems by other lens makers sometimes referred to as “smart lenses” due to their ability to transmit metadata is something Irix might want to consider for future research and development.

Meanwhile Fujifilm may wish to seriously consider creating its own X-Mount “smart” cinema lens range given the many complaints we’ve been reading over the years about the less-than-stellar manual focus performance of current X-Mount Fujinon prime and zoom lenses.

Fujifilm has a sterling reputation as a cinema zoom lens maker through its Fujinon Cinema division and it makes so much sense for the company to further develop the relationship forged between camera and lens divisions with the Fujinon XF 18-120mm f/4.0 LM PZ WR zoom lens.

Imagine, for example, a range of matched Fujinon XF smart cinema prime lenses with excellent manual focusing and great autofocusing capabilities.

If you haven’t yet considered Irix cinema lenses and have the ability to touch and try them out somewhere near you then I strongly recommend you do so.

I’m hoping that more videographers and cinematographers will do so soon and share their experiences with them online.

Keep an eye on Irix: the company may well be releasing more focal lengths soon, in the current gap between 45mm and 150mm, and what an amazing range of focal lengths that will provide.


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