After the sunshine of Saturday March 11 it’s back to the rain…

Right now I’m processing the photographs from last Saturday’s Manual Photography workshop at Sydney’s Fujifilm House of Photography but I thought it might be fun to quickly process a couple of snapshots from today’s foray into the local high street. 

The two images immediately below are from today and the one below at the base of the page is from Saturday during the mad dash to get to the workshop location due to the usual major screw-ups in Sydney’s public transport. 

There were three events in the city that day and I had left home to get there hours before the first one was to begin but in the end only got to the last one late, almost halfway through.

These images above have been processed with DxO PhotoLab Elite 6 using the Velvia film simulation in the first shot and the Astia film simulation in the second.

We’re very much looking forward to the arrival of DeepPRIME XD for Fujifilm X-Trans raw files in DxO PhotoLab Elite this year and, really, it can’t come soon enough so long as it is done right.

We’ve been getting great results processing Panasonic Lumix Bayer raw files with DeepPRIME XD and we can’t wait to see the same sort of boost in image quality with our X-Trans raw files.

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