Fujifilm House of Photography: Discover Fujifilm Video workshop, Fujifilm House of Photography, Saturday 25th March 2023, 11:00 am – 1:00 pm AEDT – Commentary



“Keen on honing your videography skills too?

DISCOVER Fujifilm Video workshop will help you understand the tools, controls, staging and lighting to help you produce top quality videos.

Start to make your own video masterpiece.

Come & join us at Fujifilm House of Photography.”

Fujifilm X-H2, X-H2S & X-T4 with Fujinon cinema lenses & accessories


All hybrid mirrorless cameras released during the last decade or so are capable of recording good quality video and recent mirrorless hybrid cameras have been approaching ever closer the video quality of dedicated cinema cameras.

Since the hybrid stills and movie revolution was accidentally kicked off by Canon with its EOS 5D Mark II and the 2008 release of Reverie, the short movie co-directed by Vince Laforet and Yoni Brook, many former stills-only photographers have also become videographers if not cinematographers.

Fujifilm has come relatively late to supporting video and is still in the throes of catching up with the likes of Canon, Panasonic and Sony, but its APS-C/Super 35 cameras are more affordable than 35mm sensor aka “full frame” cameras by the latter manufacturers while offering excellent stills quality that competes with 35mm sensor cameras.

This free workshop should provide an excellent and in-depth introduction into videography using Fujifilm cameras and lenses and Sydney’s Fujifilm House of Photography provides the opportunity to touch and try cameras and lenses well-suited to video work.


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