Our Internet Connection Is Down & We’ve Been Waiting For Days

Our Internet modem suddenly failed, we’re waiting for Telstra to replace it, and we don’t have any other way to connect right now with our MacBook Pro also down and out for the count, thus ruling out camping out outside the local Apple Store to use their broadband by WiFi. 

Telstra tells us that we may be reconnected on Thursday March 9 when a replacement modem will be delivered but in the meantime I’m drafting articles in the macOS-only MarsEdit application ready for uploading then publishing later this week.

How am I writing posts without an Internet connection?

This is the first time I’ve used MarsEdit in a mission-critical manner so I’m still learning the ropes.

It integrates with BBEdit, the programmer’s text editor I’ve used and loved since buying my licence in-person from the developers at a trade show in London’s Kensington Olympia last century as well as Apple Photos, the less-featured replacement for Apple’s brilliant and irreplaceable Aperture professional-quality raw processor and image editor.

I loved Aperture so much and so many professional users were devastated when Apple announced it would cease updating it to align with macOS updates.

Aperture was created by the same Apple team who came up with Final Cut Pro and was just as powerful, fast and easy to use.

Photos has a subset of Aperture’s features and can apparently be extended back towards Aperture’s feature set via a couple of third-party applications, RAW Power and Power Photos.

I’ll look into those when we are connected to the Internet once again but meanwhile I’m undergoing a learning curve with MarsEdit while working out how to use Apple Photos as well as how they integrate with each other.

I’m writing this on the first day without the Internet and have no idea when it will be uploaded to Unititled.Net.

Apologies for this to all our dear readers and fingers crossed!

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