The Hollywood Reporter: Latest Diversity Reports From USC, SDSU Reveal Room for Improvement Behind the Camera – Commentary

“As 2023 dawns, two major academic organizations that measure the progress of inclusion in Hollywood are looking back at the track record for 2022 in film.

The USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative’s latest “Inclusion in the Director’s Chair” report analyzes the gender and race/ethnicity of the directors behind last year’s 100 highest-grossing movies in the U.S., while the San Diego State Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film’s most recent “Celluloid Ceiling” report examined the employment of women in key behind-the-scenes roles in both the 100 and 250 top-grossing movies at the domestic box office….”


These surveys, research projects and reports are all very well and good but not a single one is intersex-inclusive despite intersex people being 2% to 5% of the population, kept invisible if not in the shadows and brutally discriminated against to the point of genocide.

What gives?


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