AOP: The Economist 1843 Magazine, Second Mentorship Programme For Black Photographers – Commentary

“The Economist’s 1843 magazine invites black photographers based in the UK to apply for its one-year mentorship programme designed to help create a pipeline for black talent in photography. 1843 magazine is part of The Economist, publishing long reads and narrative journalism, and emphasises visual storytelling in all its pieces.

Spearheaded by 1843’s picture and luxury editor, Melanie Grant, the programme will run in 2023. The chosen mentee will be given one-on-one mentoring by the art and design team at 1843 and The Economist over the course of a year. This will include reviewing their portfolio, helping develop ideas and visual narratives, pitching and completing assignments, editing and post-production. The successful candidate will be asked to do at least one published assignment for 1843 magazine.

The programme is open to professional photographers, with some experience in reportage or lifestyle photography, who are ambitious to create beautiful and important work. The candidate will be based in the UK, and will be encouraged to work closely with the in-house team.

This programme is supported by The Association of Photographers, Magnum and Panos Pictures. In addition to these institutions, a group of working photographers will also support and guide the mentee, and share their experiences….

1843 magazine publishes long-form narrative journalism as part of The Economist….

The deadline to submit applications is midnight on Monday, February 20th, 2023.”


This looks like an excellent initiative from The Association of Photographers (I am a former member), The Economist and 1843 magazine as well as their partners Magnum Photos and Panos Pictures.

There’s a need for many such affirmative action projects for all the groups of people who’ve been actively discriminated against and excluded from the right to tell stories through photography, moviemaking and other such effective forms of visual storytelling for publication in the mainstream and so-called alternative or independent media.


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