The Guardian: Jane Campion: ‘Film-making set me free… it was as if I had found myself’ – Commentary

““… For one thing, I’m starting a pop-up film school, because I really hate how unequal education is for people with money and people without money. I really hate it.”

For the first time today, Campion sounds fiery. “It wasn’t like that for me,” she continues. “I had a very different experience growing up and I don’t see why that experience shouldn’t be the experience of people who are young now. It’s disgusting and we’ve got to care about it and do something about it. So I’m going to work for free and start this film school and Netflix are going to support me.””


That’s great news and I hope it’s not one of those initiatives just for young filmmakers who’ve already got their start or made their mark in the world of film or television.

There are plenty of us who are older and have been let down by the system if not ignored by it altogether.

I know a little of what it’s like for anyone born different from the usual suspects, the wealthy WASP boys and occasionally wealthy WASP girls, to be thwarted at every turn and to be expected to suck it up because you were born wrong and with the wrong background.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for this pop-up film school of Jane Campion’s and hope that it will not just be for New Zealanders or those well off enough to move there.

Good on Netflix for assisting this fine new effort by Ms Campion.

It’s too late for me but I hope that others from the “wrong” backgrounds will get their chance with this.


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