Can Old Australian Houses be Renovated Into Light, Healthy & Sustainable Homes?

We have lived in and worked from a number of rather dreadful Australian houses and apartments over the years, and our health and productivity have suffered. 

Cold, damp, dark, inefficient, mouldy, unsecured and too often with dangerous fittings that can tear your flesh if you brush too close, some of them could surely have been improved with the smart application of architectural and scientific knowledge rather than being knocked down and replaced with the usual block-filling giant MacMansions that abound hereabouts and which can be almost as dodgy as the houses that preceded them.

Just now I came across a company in Instagram that seems to be doing things the right way, renovating or building new, in Canberra and the Australian Capital Territory, and I wonder if there are more such companies out there?


  • Light House Architecture & Science – Instagram