NPR: Filmmakers Call Out PBS For A Lack Of Diversity, Over-Reliance On Ken Burns

“Nearly 140 documentary filmmakers have signed onto a letter given to PBS executives, suggesting the service may provide an unfair level of support to white creators, facing a “systemic failure to fulfill (its) mandate for a diversity of voices.”

Titled “A Letter to PBS From Viewers Like Us,” the missive references Ken Burns, arguably one of PBS’ biggest non-fiction stars and creator of popular projects like Baseball, Jazz, The Civil War and an upcoming six-hour program called Hemingway.…”


It is not only BIPOC documentary moviemakers who require equity in inclusion in all forms of broadcasting, but it is good to see that the lack of equity has been called out like this. 

I hope that other underrepresented groups will also draw the attention of PBS and other broadcasters of all forms to their lack of equity too. 

Time to end the monopoly on documentary and all other forms of moviemaking held by well-connected wealthy white guys. 

Time to end the WWBC – wealthy white boys’ club.