Where the Famous ‘not only Black+White’ Magazine Happened (When I wasn’t working on it from my flat down the road or in London)

Recently I had the rare chance to slip into the Sydney central business district from our family eyrie way up in the highest point of the Sydney Upper North Shore above the aerial pollution line and walked around some of the inner city streets where I lived and worked for many years. 

I badly miss living in the heart of this city and walking its streets as I did every day back then, but house prices and rents in the city and its inner suburbs have risen far beyond the ability of the ever-underpaid Australian creative classes to afford.

Not to forget the ill effect that pollution has on many of us nowadays, even when it comes to just a quick visit.

Since the long months of catastrophic bushfires, “rain bombs”, floods and grey, grey days, the hot and sunny summer days of yore have been all too rare and I have not felt the pull of the inner city streets as often as I used to when living within them.

The magazine that changed everything, ‘not only Black+White’

The article header image above depicts the less than salubrious entrance to the third floor offices of the specialist ethnic and fashion magazine publisher to whom I had to give away the rights to publish what became ‘not only Black+White’, a now long dead but incredibly influential magazine of Australian creative arts, culture and photography.

I have written about that publication at About Unititled.

The photographs below depict some of the mean streets I trod every day, reminders of the urban documentary photographs I made when I lived there and that I would love to make again, provided we get a break or several from these cold and grey or sunny and searing days of the Australian climate emergency.