Rotolight Set to Announce New Titan LED Light for Photography and Video, Releases Rotolight Illuminator Umbrella-Cum-Softlight


Rotolight produces some of the most impressive, most beautiful and most colour-accurate LED lighting products for use in cinematography and photography, and I have been a Rotolight user since the release of their first product the RL48 way back when. 

If I could afford to have all of Rotolight’s lighting products then I would, without hesitation, though I might also want to add a set of Dedo Weigert’s DedoLights for those times I need narrowly-defined beams of continuous light. 

I have pretty much given up on relying on electronic flash units aka Speedlights and Rotolight’s LED continuous and now HSS flash lighting is, essentially, why.  

Accordingly I am looking forward to seeing what Rotolight has had up its sleeves in the form of the Titan, to be unveiled on the 10th September 2019 . 

Titan by Rotolight, a new era of cinematic lighting, 10th September.

Rotolight recently released the Rotolight Illuminator aka The Illuminator, and it starting two fin its way into the hands of photographers like Luke Woodford of creative duo Luke & Mandy, who is featured in the video below.

Rotolight’s Illuminator appears to be a radical evolution beyond Photek’s not dissimilar SoftLighter II, recommended only for use with electronic flash, whereas the Illuminator can be used with flash as well as all of Rotolight’s LED lights released so far.

The Illuminator by Rotolight

Rotolight has several brand ambassadors aka Masters of Light in the form of photographers Greg Gorman, Mark Mann, Peter Müller and Jean Noir though I would love to see the company add some cinematographers and especially females to that lineup.

Photek SoftLighter II and legendary Tiltall tripod, as used by Annie Leibovitz

I would especially love to see the Rotolight Illuminator and Titan in the hands of the Masters of Light to obtain a better understanding of how they work and their benefits.

Nothing like seeing a product being used well by those who know what they are doing, the reason I bought a Photek SoftLighter II and Tiltall tripod after seeing both being used by Annie Leibovitz.


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