The Guardian: Women battling sexism in photography – a picture essay

“Push-ups and photography aren’t normal bed partners. But when Cybele Malinowski was starting out as a young photography assistant in 2005, she was told to do 100 push-ups a day. The reason? To “match the strength of a man”….

… As her career gathered pace, Malinowski battled discrimination beyond heavy gear. Often when she arrived on set, the client would assume that her male assistant was the photographer, or that she was the makeup artist or stylist. More recently, when she became pregnant, Malinowski suddenly found herself losing jobs: clients told her they feared she just wasn’t “up to it”….

… Trying to get sexism off the couch has become Malinowski’s mission. Last year she co-founded Agender, a platform for female photographers designed to exchange ideas and advance careers, with the former investment banker turned entrepreneur Angela Liang. Their second annual exhibition, Balance for Better, will open on 9 March to mark International Women’s Day, with 50% of sale profits donated to Sydney Women’s Fund.

“This exhibition, on the one hand, is held to celebrate women and it’s also trying to put a mirror up on the industry itself: [to say] look at these incredible women, why are they still a minority?” says Malinowski….”


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