RØDE Microphones: Introducing the SoundField by RØDE NT-SF1 Ambisonic Microphone, the World’s First Broadcast-Grade Ambisonic Mic For Under $1000 – UPDATED


“Just in time for NAB, Australian pro audio powerhouse, RØDE Microphones, is proud to announce its first broadcast-grade, 360-degree surround sound capture microphone and flagship product of a new brand in the RØDE family….

… The first product for the SoundField By RØDE family is a marriage of SoundField’s pristine ambisonic recording technology, and RØDE’s commitment to audio excellence accessible by all creators. Completely designed and made in Australia at RØDE’s Sydney campus, the NT-SF1 is a triumph of innovation and manufacturing quality. Featuring four of RØDE’s all-new, ultra-quiet ½-inch TF45C capsules in tetrahedral array, the NT-SF1 produces natural, transparent four channel A-format recordings which can be transformed and manipulated in B-Format, courtesy of the soon-to-be-released SoundField by RØDE plugin…. “

RØDE NT-SF1 Soundfield microphone

RØDE NT-SF1 Ambisonic SoundField Microphone

RØDE VideoMic SoundField On-Camera Ambisonics Microphone

Two versions of Røde’s Ambisonics SoundField microphone have been shown so far with the most recent being the one at the topi of the gallery below, showing a close family resemblance to Røde’s high-end Stereo VideoMic X.

RØDE Stereo VideoMic X Microphone aka SVMX

How to process A-format files in Apple Logic Pro X using third-party plug-ins as shared by the folks at Sennheiser

Set up an LCRS or quadrophonic surround track in Logic.

Go to Preferences -> Advanced Tools -> Show Advanced Tools and enable Surround.
Then go to File -> Project Settings -> Surround Format and select either LCRS or Surround.
Finally create a surround track by selecting Track -> New Tracks -> Audio and select Surround for both in- and output.
The plugin should now be available as Audio Unit on this track.


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