iPetitions: Samsung, Keep NX Alive!


“Samsung Camera Division,

With exception of you closing your business in select markets, there’s been no new developments or statements concerning your Galaxy NX line of cameras, lenses and accessories. Nor have we seen any new firmware updates in several months.

Additionally, we didn’t see any related product updates since its release in 2014.

It’s now 2017 and the NX system is still alive and going strong. In some cases, the NX cameras still offer technology still missing from other manufacture[r]s to date. Think about how impressive this is? That’s how ahead of the curve you were.

The hottest camera today should not be the buzz about the lastest models from your old competitors. We shouldn’t be talking about the GH5, or even the CK200, we should be buzzing about the game changing NX2 PRO, with a new lineup of amazing glass.

You had this market setup to crush it, if not even give cameras costing in excess of $50k a run for its money. But you prematurely dropped the ball. What a huge mystery and giant disapointment to your customers….”

The revolutionary and still amazing Samsung NX1 Super 35/APS-C 4K hybrid mirrorless camera with Samsung 50-150mm f/2.8 S ED OIS premium zoom lens.

From Paul Leeming of Leeming LUT One:

Samsung could have radically changed the HDSLR market with the NX1 had they developed it further and made more cameras.

Like Canon, they didn’t realise what they had and were content to rest on their laurels.

Innovation and iteration are key in today’s prosumer market.