Vary-i Cage Combination and Solo Loupe Released for Panasonic GH5, with Grip to Come Soon

Vary-i has released its Vary-i Solo for GH5 and Vary-i Cage Combination for GH5 to fit the ever-popular Panasonic Lumix GH5 Super 16/APS-C camera and reports that its righthand grip for the Combination Cage will be appearing soon. 

I first encountered Vary-i products online in a photograph of Lumix product ambassador Nick Driftwood shot during an educational event in Europe.

The Vary-i in both its forms, Solo or Combination, may help solve a persistent problem when shooting video or stills outdoors in bright sunlight or cloudy days when the whole sky turns into a glare-emitting lightbox.

The Vary-i appeared at a time when I was researching ways of shielding GH5 and GH4 cameras’ fully-articulated monitors whether by means of a hood attached via velcro, or a loupe attached directly to the monitor.

As neither solution seemed ideal, Vary-i’s approach stood out for the possibility of multiple viewing angles, relieving stress on the monitor’s hinges and increased stability by having one’s eye as an extra point of contact.

The grip, which I am told is being worked on right now and is coming soon, may well increase that stability further.

Vary-i Solo or Combination Cage products for GH5 or GH4

I will add photographs of the grip when it is released.

I asked the maker of Vary-i whether there was a substantial difference between the construction of the Combination Cages for GH5 and GH4 and he explained that the cage is identical in each but the nylon inserts are different, and that the inserts can be changed.

That sounds like a good solution if one is using GH5 and GH4 cameras, or if one currently has a GH4 and is planning to upgrade to a GH5 in future.

On the other hand, the Vary-i Solo for GH5 and GH4 are different and can only be used on the cameras for which they are designed.


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