Jason Lanier: REAL Truth, No BS, Hands On Review of the Rotolight Neo 2- High Speed Sync Off Camera LED and Flash

“Join Rotolight Master of Light Jason Lanier for a whirlwind trip where he shows you video footage and stills that he has shot for the brand new Rotolight Neo 2 where he does a review answering tough questions and giving real answers about this brand new light….

… In this video Jason shares footage from shoots done in London, Ireland, Miami, Nebraska and other places that he’s been able to use the prototype Neo 2 lights that Rotolight sent him to test.

Shortly after completing a European press trip where the Neo 2 was announced, a buzz started coming around about these lights and what their capabilities truly are. Videos, blog posts and more were posted with questions about power, battery life, and the various applications that the lights could be used in….”


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