Winter Cold and Serious Infections

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We have succumbed to the coldest cold snap since 1971 and the gauntlet of people “soldiering on” while explosively sharing their diseases in public, and have been battling with serious primary and secondary infections from which we have yet to recover.

Meanwhile work continues slowly but surely on our self-financing effort via the subdivision of our land. When it is completed and pays off, one aim is to make this house a more fit place in which to live and work.

Too many Australian houses tend to have little to no insulation, no central heating and no cooling, leading to poor health outcomes. In winter, temperatures inside these houses are lower than outside. The homes in the suburbs where we live are no exception, even the largest and most expensive.

Visiting Rose Seidler House on a day of harsh low winter sunlight. Still frame from video footage shot on Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 with Olympus Digital ED M.Zuiko 12-40mm f/2.8 Pro lens with GenusTech ND Fader and Breakthrough Photography brass step-up ring. Video made with V-Log L customized with Paul Leeming’s settings for Leeming LUT One for GH5 then post-processed with Leeming LUT One for GH5 and Basic Brighter looks LUT.

Way back in 1949, the great Austrian-Australian architect Harry Seidler began work on his very first house, for his parents Rose and Max Seidler. Rose Seidler House in eastern Wahroonga showed Australians how to create modern, affordable, eminently livable houses.

Mr Seidler added two more such houses for other family members to the compound, each sharing traits that he had explored in his parents’ house such as a centrally-located fireplace.

Although Rose Seidler House rapidly became “the most talked about house in Sydney“, and many self-builders in the area were inspired by Seidler’s vision of modernism in architecture, few seemed to have learned his lessons about lighting, heating, cooling, insulation, kitchens and space. Our previous house, inspired by Rose Seidler House and built by the father of a female Australian expatriate movie director, was an example of that.