Griffin Hammond Shows How to Set Up Your New Panasonic GH5 for Filmmaking

When I bought my GH4, I came to rely on the how-to advice of two well-qualified GH4-using documentary moviemakers, Sol March of Suggestion of Motion and Griffin Hammond, maker of cult short documentary Sriracha. Mr Hammond is now sharing his GH5 settings via a downloadable GH5 settings file and a video at, below. 

Griffin Hammond – How to set up your new Panasonic GH5 for Filmmaking

Panasonic’s Lumix cameras, whether the GH4, the GX8, the GH5 and no doubt the company’s many other cameras that I have not experienced, offer a myriad of menu item options the value of which are not immediately obvious.

Although Panasonic’s menu system adds short explanations of each item’s functionality, they can be cryptic so menu run-throughs like this one by Mr Hammond can be invaluable, and even more so his settings file that can be altered to suit your own preferences.