Edgar Rothermich Updates His Excellent FCPX Visual Manual ‘Final Cut Pro 10.3 – How It Works’

“Simple and complex” at the very same time, and I might add the words “powerful” and “fast” in there too – that is Apple’s Final Cut Pro X Non-Linear Editing software. The learning never ends with FCPX as it does with any other equally powerful NLE so best to make use of whatever learning resources are out there. 

Edgar Rothermich’s amply illustrated manuals on FCPX have been the best written resources upon which I have relied so it is great news that he has merged his two previous FCPX titles, Final Cut Pro X – How it Works and Final Cut Pro X – The Details, into one book that covers everything while updating it for FCPX version 10.3, titled Final Cut Pro 10.3 – How It Works.

Mr Rothermich’s Final Cut Pro 10.3 – How It Works is available is several formats including printed editions, iBooks and PDFs.

Very highly recommended in whichever format you choose.