Cage Maker 8Sinn Shows Off Innovative Panasonic Lumix GH5 Cage


Polish camera cage and accessories maker 8Sinn has put up a web page about its new cage for the Panasonic Lumix GH5 Super 16 hybrid camera, slated for release late March. I have no doubt this attractive, ergonomically-designed cage that wraps itself around the GH5’s body and hand grip will attract a great deal of interest. 


8Sinn appears to have been an active brand for some time, given that its Supported Cameras page lists the Panasonic GH4, Canon 5D Mark IV, Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini, Blackmagic Design Micro and Studio cameras, and seven Sony cameras including the popular A6000 series, the A7 series and the FS5 camcorder.

I have yet to see any 8Sinn products in real life so have no idea of their design and manufacturing quality but their solutions look very interesting indeed, elegant and well-considered.


I particularly like the look of their Scorpio top handle, above, with its choice of two mounting options that are increasingly becoming industry standards, the Arri rosette and the NATO safety rail.

I asked cinematographer/director Paul Leeming what 8Sinn configuration he favours given their GH5 cage is high on his wishlist. He chose the 8Sinn GH5 Cage + Top Handle Pro + 15mm Universal Rod & Metabones Support but is considering the Scorpio handle instead of the Top Handle Pro.

I like the look of the 8Sinn cage rig on the left above but would choose the Scorpio handle over the one depicted, as in the two new images at right. Thank you, 8Sinn, for sending these. The Scorpio handle approaches even slightly one of my favourite non-NATO, non-Arri rosette handle designs, the CubeCage Round Handle by Motion9, now renamed Seercam.

Imagine if a round handle were to be updated with NATO and Arri rosette attachments and other contemporary enhancements.


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Header image concept and hack by Carmel D. Morris.