Red Giant Magic Bullet Denoiser III Video Noise Reduction Plug-In Radically Revamped for Speed, Quality

My attention has been drawn to the radically revamped Denoiser III video noise reduction plug-in by Red Giant, available as part of Red Giant’s Magic Bullet Suite 13 colour correction, finishing and film looks plug-in collection.


The whole Magic Bullet Suite 13 is now compatible with the ‘Untitled’ project’s NLE of choice, Apple Final Cut Pro X, as well as Adobe’s After Effects and Premiere Pro FX and NLE software.

Denoiser III can also be purchased alone and a trial version is available from this URL:


The really big news about Denoiser III, though, is that the software now carries out much if not all of its functionality in your computer’s GPU and has been rewritten from scratch using technology from Augmented reality start-up wrnch.

The augmented reality computer vision tech from wrnch enables Denoiser III to run “incredibly fast”, according to Red Giant, and wrnch’s CEO Paul Kruszewski, “teaching the machine to see noise and replace it with what would be seen in the real world”.

Mr Kruszewski elaborates:

Essentially, what Augmented Reality does in real time, we’re enabling in post-production, combined with an underlying Artificial Intelligence that ensures users will get the best video denoising results, every time. We are confident that the new Magic Bullet Denoiser III running on the wrnch engine will be a game changer for editors and filmmakers.

As we approach the soft launch phase of the ‘Untitled: Stories of Creativity, Innovation, Success’ project, we will be commencing production of short documentaries as well as photo essays and they will provide excellent opportunities to try out current generation noise reduction software like Denoiser III (and Neat Video 4.5) given our subject matter.

Meanwhile feel free to download and try out a trial version of Red Giant Denoiser III and view the videos below.