Photographer Daniella Zalcman Launches ‘Women Photograph’ to Combat Sexism in Hiring Photographers

Wired magazine has interviewed photographer Daniella Zalcman about her newly launched database of female photographers named Women Photograph in their article Female Photographers Matter Now More Than Ever

Here are two highly relevant quotes from the article:

Why is it important to hire female photographers?
It’s just good journalism. We need to tell stories about diverse people from diverse perspectives—from a female perspective, people of color, and the LGBTQ[I] community. You make really big mistakes when you don’t have those voices in your newsroom.

How do you change that?
We do need to make a concerted effort to diversify the people who are telling stories in this industry. That is deeply important to informing the public. Because if our readership is diverse, and the people we are reporting on are diverse, then we as journalists need to be diverse. And right now that is not the case.

Meanwhile the underrepresentation of women continues in other areas of the arts according to Why Is Gender Still An Issue? in The Huffington Post.