Photolemur, Artificial Intelligence-Driven Automatic Photo Processing Software for Everyone

Photolemur, a brand new software product for Mac OS X, has just been launched into its pre-order discount phase. Photolemur, according to the statement at the top of its pre-order web page, is “the world’s first automatic photo enhancement solution, that instantly makes your photos much better with the help of computer science & artificial intelligence”. 

The Photolemur interface, simple, easy and fast.
Processed only in Photolemur.

Lower down, an FAQ question, “Who is the user for Photolemur and why do they need this product?”, is answered with “All-in-all, Photolemur is not for professional photographers, it is for the rest of us, who take a lot of photos, and want this [sic] photos automatically become more beautiful.”

But you know what? If I were back in the field as a magazine or news photographer, or indeed an event photographer, I suspect I would love Photolemur and rely on it for rapidly and intelligently batch processing the large takes those two fields of photography often demand.

While it is true that cameras like Fujifilm’s X-Pro2 and X-T2 can produce excellent film-simulated JPEGs, hence the SOOC label one sees on many photographs from both published online, in my experience every photograph regardless of camera and file type can benefit from some degree of enhancement.

The Photolemur pre-order page has a long list of  automatic image enhancement features, all of them solid and well-considered, and the two foremost for me and my purposes are batch processing for 40 photos and raw processing for over 800 cameras.

I haven’t seen nor tried Photolemur yet but I am very much looking forward to trying it out. It could be the completely unexpected automatic image enhancement solution that might change my career and what I do in stills photography.

Shoot, batch process in Photolemur, send off the number one selects then go back later to refine the images in other image editing and raw processing software. My workflow might be about to change for the better.

And as to Photolemur and image processing for movie productions? Think time-lapse sequences.